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Danbury School's prosperity is defined by the success of our students, employees, parents, families, volunteers and our community. We are mission and values driven and focused on instilling within each of our students a passion for personal excellence, lifelong learning and the full embrace of core values that positively impact their life.

Our overarching vision is to provide focused learning experiences and interactions that ultimately transform the lives of every student. Our district is committed to providing the academic foundation and skills necessary for students to be lifelong learners with a mindset to develop strong social and emotional skills and the leadership influence to navigate a complex world of choices, challenges and opportunities.  Our educational framework establishes goals and objectives to ensure every student is career and life ready. 

As we together navigate through these uncharted times, we are optimistic and excited about the opportunities ahead. For our school district, we continue to be about impacting lives through transformation – a refreshingly different and very personal experience meant for good and honor – ultimately to help each student become something more in the context of achieving their goals and life dreams.  With that spirit in mind, we have created 3 options for our students and families that are enhanced with opportunities for our students to academically excel while experiencing all the important aspects of school, while being intentional about meeting the specific needs of our families. 

As your summer comes to an end and you prepare to make the decision for your family as to what fall will look like, we encourage you to stay connected to our Danbury Family. Choose the option (Option 1-Family Model- Return to Classroom Plan; Option 2- Home Based Model- Distance Learning Plan; or Option 3- Customized Learning Plan) that works best for your family, knowing that our goals is to bring us ALL back together in person as soon as possible.  Please be sure to review the details of each of our options and take time to become familiar with the parent links we have provided which will better prepare you and your child(ren) for the fall.

We ask that by August 15th you visit our Final Forms link to register your child(ren) for the 2020-2021 school year.  Within this portal you will be asked to select which option you will begin the first 9 weeks of the school year with.

As we celebrate the start of another school year together, I would sincerely encourage you to stay connected and invested and to join us on this remarkable journey. Our continued partnership allows us to not just experience your child(ren) education together, but rather experience life together. We truly believe that where we are going together will always be better than where we have been. In the context of life transformation, we will always be better together!

Together every child every day.
Cari Buehler
Danbury Local Schools 
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Description of Learning Options
2020 Registration
When you're ready to select your 2020 learning option, please tell us through FinalForms.  
Those who have already completed 20-21 registration through FinalForms will now see an "incomplete" form that will need to be submitted after making your choice.  
For families who have not yet registered through FinalForms, this is a great opportunity to complete them.  All students will be required to have a completed registration through FinalForms before the beginning of school.  We also ask that any student who is choosing our remote learning options (options 2 & 3) submit their choice in FinalForms by August 15th, 2020.  Any student who has not chosen an option by August 15th will be automatically placed into option 1 (in-person learning)
NOTE:  If your student uses a personal cell phone, please be sure to include that information in FinalForms.  This will allow our teachers to communicate directly with students using the Remind app in the event of remote learning. 
Danbury FinalForms can be accessed here:  https://danbury-oh.finalforms.com/
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