Dear Parents,

Danbury Local School District utilizes several computer software applications and web-based services, operated not by this school, but by third parties.  In order for our students to use these programs and services, certain personally indentifying information, generally consisting of the student’s name and e-mail address, must be provided to the web site operator.  Under a federal law entitled Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA), these websites must provide parental notification and obtain parental consent before collecting personal information.  For more information on COPPA, please visit

Each website operator is bound by COPPA to maintain the confidentiality of the information collected.  They are also required to post a privacy policy describing their practices.  A full list of the operators in use by the district, as well as links to their respective privacy policies may be found in the "COPPA Consent Listing" section below.

COPPA permits a school district to consent to the collection of this information on behalf of all of its students, thereby eliminating the need for individual parental consent given directly to each individual website operator.

The COPPA Compliance Form found below  was included in the forms filled out for pre-registration. The paper form can be found here if needed.  This form, when completed below and on file with the district, will constitute consent for your child to make use of the services listed.  It will also constitute consent for our schools to provide personally identifying information for your child consisting of first name, last name, Student ID #, an email address and a username to the operators listed .  

COPPA Consent Listing
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