Danbury Local School District Quality Profile

Danbury School's prosperity is defined by the success of our students, employees, parents, families, volunteers and our community. We are mission and values driven and focused on instilling within each of our students a passion for personal
excellence, lifelong learning and the full embrace of core values that positively impact their life.

OUR OVERARCHING VISION is to provide focused learning experiences and interactions that ultimately transform the lives of every student. Our district is committed to providing the academic foundation and skills necessary for students to be lifelong
learners with a mindset to develop strong social and emotional skills and the leadership influence to navigate a complex world of choices, challenges and opportunities.

OUR EDUCATIONAL FRAMEWORK establishes goals and objectives to ensure every student is career and life ready. Career prepared includes possession of the skills and talents necessary to embrace college and or enter the workforce.

OUR VALUES BASED PHILOSOPHY focuses on a personalized student learning environment that can only be accomplished by a staff fully devoted to the mission and values that truly distinguish the Danbury difference. Our entire staff plays a vital
role in our commitment to educate students in a way that reflects the needs and expectations of our devoted families and our community.

For our school district, impacting lives is all about transformation—a refreshingly different and very personal experience meant for good and honor—ultimately to help each student become something more in the context of achieving their goals and life dreams.

As we celebrate the continuing success and prosperity of our district, I would sincerely encourage you to stay connected and invested and to join us on this remarkable journey. Our continued partnership allows us to not just experience a child's education together, but rather experience life together.