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State of the Schools 2018
If you missed our State of the Schools presentation this year, video and slides are available on our website here: . Take a look and see all of the great things happening at Danbury!  
Small Class Sizes Matter
"You don't have that personal experience at larger schools," says English teacher Jennifer Scott. Hear how her experiences at different school districts have shown her how the opportunity for smaller class sizes matter.
College Opportunities at Danbury Local Schools
Cade Wilhite shares how the many college credit plus opportunities that are available on campus at Danbury Local Schools are making a difference for him and his future.
Technology and Small Classes Personalize Education
Drew Wicks is a Social Studies Teacher at Danbury Local Schools. Hear how he uses technology as well as more traditional options to provide student choice in his classroom. Smaller class sizes allow Danbury Local Schools teachers the opportunity to really get to know their students and that makes a big difference!    
SENIORS! Countdown to Graduation
The countdown has started for the DHS Class of 2018!  Make sure you're prepared by getting your copy of the Countdown to Graduation document available here: or on the Danbury High School Webpage.  Stay focused and finish strong!    
Mission Statement
The Mission of Danbury Local Schools, in partnership with family and community, is to prepare each student for a life of learning and personal success.
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