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Water Aerobics 
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Water aerobics continues at Danbury!  Fee is $5.00 per class, or you may purchase a pass for $40 for 10 classes. Water aerobics is the ideal workout: low impact, high energy. The joints do not have to support the body’s full weight. Many beginners are amazed that they can do a full hour of exercise and emerge refreshed. An hour of water aerobics burns up anywhere from 402 to 600 calories ( Health benefits from this program include muscle tone, endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, balance, posture, flexibility and weight loss. Try it! You may find it’s the high point of your week! Contact Cynthia Fisk at for additional information.

Swim Lessons

Contact Cynthia Fisk for additional information.


Walkers are welcome at Danbury after 4:00 p.m. Please enter through the gym lobby doors. During high school events the lobby area will be closed down.

For additional information, please contact Gary Quisno at 419-798-2258 or or Cynthina Fisk at 419-357-1182 or

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