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Health Protocol Update
Welcome back to another exciting and challenging new school year!!

I am writing to share an important update I have just received from the Ottawa County Health Department.  Health Commissioner Jerry Bingham has shared that they have noticed a higher number of positive cases in the 0-19 age group. Furthermore, Mr. Bingham has stated: " this Delta variant is much more infectious and is highly affecting the younger age population."

Please be advised that if your child was identified as a "close contact" of a student/staff member who tested positive for COVID-19, I will be personally calling you and giving you the appropriate information for your child's next steps regarding quarantining as well the appropriate information surrounding that. Should this occur during the school day, you will be asked to pick your child up from school.

According to the health department, if your child is a close contact with a positive case, you can AVOID quarantine if you meet one of these three conditions:
1-Your child was wearing a mask consistently throughout the day (covering nose and mouth)
2-Your child is fully vaccinated
3-Your child has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past three months and recovered.

Further information about quarantine that has changed:
Quarantine may be shortened to 7 days if your child takes a COVID test on day 5 or 6 of their quarantine period. If your child receives a negative test result, they can return to all activities after 7 days but must wear a mask and monitor symptoms for an additional 7 days. COVID test kits are free and available to you at any time through your child’s school. Please ask your school nurse if you are interested in one of these test kits.  School staff will NOT administer COVID tests to students, and permission from parents must be obtained before a test is done.

Below are links to information from the Ohio Department of Health that I will be utilizing specifically for each and every case:
Guidelines for Quarantine After Exposure in K-12 Classroom Settings 
K-12 classroom exposure quarantine flowchart 

We continue to be in constant contact with the Ottawa County Health Department through emails and zoom meetings and will continue to keep you updated on changes and recommendations that might need to be implemented. As always, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,

Joanne Simmons, RN
COVID Care Nurse
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