Danbury Local School District Quality Profile

Danbury Local Schools is an excellent school district that provides exceptional opportunities for students both in and outside of the classroom. The district offers a wide range of courses and extracurricular options that ensure every student is not only college or career ready, but they are prepared to succeed in life after graduation.
It is with this deeper sense of purpose in mind that we present to you our first Quality Profile. This is an honest look at the way Danbury Local Schools operates and how we educate students in a more meaningful and complete way. For far too many years Danbury has been the “best kept secret” in Northwest Ohio.
Danbury is small enough to ensure every student gets the type of personal attention they deserve from caring and devoted teachers. Yet we are also providing amazing opportunities such as earning college credits while still in high school, high levels of participation in athletics, visual and performing arts as well as clubs and service organizations.
After reviewing this information I’m sure you will discover why Danbury Local Schools has everything your child needs or wants to be successful in school and in life. Should you have any questions about the amazing opportunities that Danbury Local Schools has to offer please feel free to contact us at any time.
Danbury Local Schools
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