Special Education

The Danbury School District serves students with special needs from age 3 to age 21, as required by federal law with a free and appropriate public education. Danbury Schools offers specialized services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) and state laws for students with disabilities in the areas of:

Specific Learning Disabilities
Intellectual Disabilities - Formerly known as Cognitive Disabilities
Hearing Impairments
Visual Impairments
Speech and Language Disorders
Multiple Disabilities
Emotional Disturbances
Other Health Impairments
Orthopedic Impairments
Traumatic Brain Injury
Physical Impairments
Preschool Developmental Delays

Students eligible for services participate in the least restrictive environment possible and are included in the regular classroom with their typical peers, as determined by their Individualized Education Program designed to meet their unique educational needs.

An Individual Educational Plan (IEP) is developed for each special needs student. Parents meet with appropriate Danbury School staff to determine annual educational goals and an educational plan, including necessary accommodations and services. Services can include speech and language services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, behavior modification,
specially designed instruction through intervention specialists and other specialized services designed to insure that each child's educational needs are met.

Danbury School District seeks to identify, locate and evaluate all children from birth to age 21 who may have a disability. Parents of children attending public, parochial, or private schools should contact Danbury Schools Director of Special Education, if they suspect their child has a disability.   For more information on the ETR process used to evaluate students for services, please see the "The Evaluation Process + Timeline" link on the left.

Contact Mercedes Wise, Director of Special Education for additional information regarding Special Education programs and services.

Ms. Mercedes Wise
Director of Special Education 
[email protected] 

419.798.2268 ext 1060

Department Staff

Ms Mercedes Wise
Wise, Ms Mercedes
Director of Student Services
Mrs Ashley Knight
Knight, Mrs Ashley
School Psychologist & Student Support Specialist
Mrs Melissa Maringer
Maringer, Mrs Melissa
EMIS Coordinator
Mrs Paige Raybuck
Raybuck, Mrs Paige
Intervention Specialist (PreK & K)
Ms Shelby Klima
Klima, Ms Shelby
Intervention Specialist (1-3)
Mrs Kayle Stover
Stover, Mrs Kayle
Intervention Specialist (4-5)
Mrs Jen O'Brien
O'Brien, Mrs Jen
Intervention Specialist (6-8)
Mrs Amy Schulte
Schulte, Mrs Amy
Intervention Specialist (6-8)
Mrs Amanda Solkiewicz
Solkiewicz, Mrs Amanda
Intervention Specialist (9-12)
Mrs Jennifer Nickel
Nickel, Mrs Jennifer
Speech & Language Pathologist
Ms Mallory Klonk
Klonk, Ms Mallory
Occupational Therapist
Ms Tera Zimmer
Zimmer, Ms Tera
Ms Deborah Hay
Hay, Ms Deborah
Physical Therapist
Mrs Amanda Yetter
Yetter, Mrs Amanda
Ms Deatra Fought
Fought, Ms Deatra
Ms Natalie Biddle
Biddle, Ms Natalie
Vision/Orientation/Mobility Specialist
Mrs Connie Winters
Winters, Mrs Connie
Superintendent's Secretary
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